Our First Citywide Tournament


We have come together with adidas Originals to launch our first ever citywide Tournament. The qualifier round will be held May 18th in Los Angeles with 8 schools battling for a place in the finale on May 31st—where only one school will be crowned School Walls L.A. Champion. Each school will be matched up with an experienced Secret Walls artist who will act as the team’s captain. For all of those involved, the most valuable takeaway from the Tournament is not only identifying students that show great passion for the visual arts, but also giving them the skills and confidence to create art on a large scale for the world to see.


Through this partnership, adidas Originals have given us the opportunity to explore what School Walls could accomplish on a large scale, and prove the concept works. Our objective is to expand on the Tournament by bringing it to more U.S. cities—inspiring thousands more kids and schools across the country. Together, we share a common goal of supporting grassroots talent. By providing emerging artists with tools, training and the platform to express themselves, we help them become agents of change in their communities.